They are compassionate, thoughtful professionals dedicated to caring for people in need of medical & health assistance.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

—Susan J.
Tucson AZ

Most of my friends don’t understand what is needed to properly care and maneuver the many decisions related to one’s elderly parents as they age.  I am quite familiar with what is needed having been responsible for my husband’s mother and now my parents.  I have researched many of the various services and facilities here in  the Tucson  area and highly recommend THE TRUSTED CONSIERGE .   

Robin and Glenn Davis (The Trusted Concierge) have been helping me for the past 9 months as I worked through a matrix of problems and challenges.  Currently Glenn and Robin monitor my parents healthcare each week in their home, inspect  their medical equipment, make sure their meds are being taken at the proper times and spend some time  with them to see is they need anything or have concerns.    They also pick all of their prescriptions, fill their pillboxes and schedule all their doctor appointments.  And finally, they accompany my parents to all their doctor appointments- sharing important information or concerns. 

Before hiring Glenn and Robin, I was doing all of these things besides trying to juggle my own family and various community obligations.  I was overwhelmed with worry.   Glenn and Robin have become my “fail safe” when is comes to my parent’s healthcare needs.  They are the vital “third part” of my healthcare team to interpret, support, and monitor my parent’s care.  Not only have they enabled my parents to continue to live independently, they improved the quality of my parent’s life!  And yes, Glenn and Robin have taken a huge burden of stress off of me, so I can have more time to enjoy and love my precious parents. 

What a relief to have found Robin and Glenn!  Many of my parent’s doctors have asked me – where did I find such a qualified team?  They recognize Glenn and Robin’s professionalism and competence.  It is interesting to note that after having Glenn attend my parent’s doctor appointments, we’ve had more open communication and dialogues with our doctors. 

Glenn and Robin have provided my family with very practical and intelligent strategies, so my parents can live with a better sense of well being and sense of control.  They helped ME to know what to expect, what to demand from our confusing healthcare system, and what limitations I need to accept in order to reduce my stress and worry. 

I believe Glenn and Robin’s most important gift to our family has been their “tender, loving care” (Sine qua non- Latin) -the cornerstone for any human caring.  Their  “tender, loving care” is ever present in everything they do.  They care!

For any family wanting consistent, compassionate, and enduring care for their parents as they arrive at the winter of their lives….The Trusted Concierge offers  a very compelling story. 

— Patty  D.
Tucson, AZ

Just wanted to tell you how very glad we are to have found you. Since I live in Washington State, knowing that you will continue to be with my mother when she goes to the Doctor is a huge relief. Prior to you being on board, whenever I would ask mom what she and the Dr. had talked about she was unable to really tell me what had transpired. I now realize that medical “stuff” is pretty much a mystery to her. She understood that she was to take this or that pill but not why she was taking them. Having just visited mom I’m now much more aware of her medical issues and hearing from you about what really went on at her appointments has been very helpful. I can now discuss her medical problems more easily and I honestly think she seems more in tune with what the Dr. said.

I also want to thank you for the help you’ve provided with the wound on her leg. Going over to change the dressings and providing knowledgeable advice really helped ease her anxiety about the wound. Thankfully it is now very close to complete healing and she will be able to return to her pool exercises.

Considering that today’s Dr. appointments run 10 minute or less, I think everyone would benefit from a patient advocate but I believe it is especially important for older adults. There is too much room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding, especially for anyone with no medical background. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you are providing a much needed service.

Thank you again for all you do for my mother and all your other clients.

—Doreen J.
Tucson, AZ